In a psychoanalytical psychotherapy we are trying to achieve an ability of being capable of facing your problems and fears, start understanding them and consciously resolve them.

Psychoanalysis strives to bring your unconscious conflicts to the surface, which leads to a person becoming more accepting of oneself and at peace with their own imperfection. 

Freud deemed a person as a creature that does not fully have their mind process under a perfect control. He spoke of the unconscious – a person is only aware of a small part of their psyche, whereas the bigger piece is buried deep within and often works against person's conscious wishes. In psychoanalytical therapy we try to explore the unconscious, make it lose control over you and give you an opportunity to form different behavioural patterns. 

Therefore, therapy is a process in which through the power of words and the forming of a therapeutic relationship (or therapeutic alliance) a person grows, starts understanding oneself and is given unconditional support and corrective emotional experience. 

It is important to note that therapy does not equal giving out advices. It is a long and mentally incredibly hard process that requires a good measurement of motivation and renouncing.

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